Our story:

We bless the LORD for the food and sustenance He has provided us with, one of which is coffee! We have benefitted greatly from fresh-roasted coffee, and we hope to bring its exceptional qualities and blessings to your home so that you can enjoy it along with us!

Who are we? We’re just some poor and needy saints whom God has begotten again unto a lively hope and, being blood bought by Christ’s own precious blood, we are prayerfully seeking to exercise dominion in our generation as the LORD would have us to. This is a “faith-based” business which is seeking to live out the principles of the Gospel in being fruitful in every good work, providing a means by which we can work with our hands, serve the LORD, and teach others to do the same!

We’re excited to even exist and are so privileged to even have this business! We are looking to grow in our service and love for our neighbor, welcoming whom God would have on our team as well as striving to provide exceptional quality coffee to the world.